Power of One Hour

Is there an undone task screaming “you suck” every time you think about it?  Are you avoiding something you know you need or want to get done?

If so, give it just one hour’s effort, TODAY.

Just one of the next 24.

Then STOP, satisfied that you are all of one hour closer to having it completed if not already accomplished.

If you spend 30-45 minutes of your one hour psyching yourself up to spend that last 10-15 doing something, that’s ok!  If possible, utilize your hour in a way that gets something measurable attained but, no matter what, pat yourself on the back for making a move, doing the next right thing…

Do you have a cluttered room?  Spend one hour on a corner.  If the corner is too large, spend one hour on a drawer or table top.

Is there a task at work that feels overwhelming?  Spend one hour making progress on it and then take a break to do something you enjoy more (break down huge tasks into smaller, manageable tasks)

Are you stressed out of the your mind and wishing to find some peace?  Spend one hour doing nothing.

Feeling dissatisfied with your life, heartbroken over a breakup?  Spend on hour journaling, crying, pounding your bed with your fists, then move on for today.

The power of one is yours, don’t rob yourself of the satisfaction that comes from making progress.

Go out and get what you deserve – SUCCESS!



One thought on “Power of One Hour

  1. This concept just lit a fire under my bum, and I’m sooo grateful. Thank you, love! You have such insight, and all of your posts are incredibly uplifting!

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