If it looks like a goose…

I’m fascinated by bird imprinting.  The concept that within the first few hours of life, birds attach themselves to whatever moving object/being they see and are loyal to that being no matter what.  Naturally, it’s usually the mother they bond with but geese don’t recognize themselves as geese if imprinted to a human.

While having a lot of downtime at the baseball park today, I opened my email to find a message (a heartfelt comment about this blog and I opted not to make it public) from the first man who ever loved me and realized I’m a goose.  I always thought of myself as more of a dog person (responds well to praise and positive reinforcement/conditioning exercises) but, in fact, I am more like a goose.

I have love in my life now; I have great friends.  However, no one ever will replace the first man or first woman I ever loved who, for some unknown reason, were not my father and mother as they are for most people.  It doesn’t matter that I have very little in common on the surface with either of those individuals today nor does it matter I wish not to have any romantic involvement with either of them.  They are in my heart forever and no matter how much time passes between our talks, I never love them any less.  It pains me in the center of my chest to think that either of them are in some kind of trouble.  I recognize I am powerless to change it if they are.

One of my favorite poems of all time came to mind today, I’d like to share it with you now:

The Oak and the Rose

“An oak tree and a rosebush grew,
Young and green together,
Talking the talk of growing things-
Wind and water and weather.
And while the rosebush sweetly bloomed
The oak tree grew so high
That now it spoke of newer things-
Eagles, mountain peaks and sky.
“I guess you think you’re pretty great,”
The rose was heard to cry,
Screaming as loud as it possibly could
To the treetop in the sky.
“And now you have no time for flower talk,
Now that you’ve grown so tall.”
“It’s not so much that I’ve grown,” said the tree,
“It’s just that you’ve stayed so small.”
― Shel Silverstein


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