Stop Man Bashing

I have some great guy friends who are currently unattached.  I have some great gal pals who are currently unattached.  Both are sides are looking for life partners but they aren’t together.  Do you know why?

Man bashing…

Good men stay away from women who man bash.  Hence, man bashing women only get with jerks who give them more to bash about.

Society has done something very terrible to the male gender.  It’s told them than men shouldn’t express their feelings.  Because of this, they end up being unable to explain how they truly feel, unable to be vulnerable enough to truly connect with someone else.  If they are able to do so, they are often attacked for being “weak”.

The answer to female inequality is not man bashing.  Putting a man down isn’t going to raise any woman any higher.

I propose that each of us try unconditional love on for size.  Look beyond skin deep.  Respect yourself, respect others, and don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t respect you back.  Spend time listening to the little voice of desire inside and ask for what you want, without expectation that you’re always going to get it.

Do what you’re interested in, be yourself, and other people with the same interests will show up.  I promise.



One thought on “Stop Man Bashing

  1. I found when I was looking the thing that was most detrimental to me was my expectations. I really wanted the perfect package guy but the ones that were great in the looks department were obnoxious in the feelings / treating me good department.

    I finally decided that perfect didn’t exhist and I just needed to look for perfect for me. And I found him. He treats me like a queen and while he may not be 6’2″ and 180 lbs, he more than makes up for it in the way he treats me and our son.

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