Beach Bodies

It’s been unusually warm early this year.  After spending around 30 minutes criticizing myself while trying on different beach wear, I spent a day on the water.  Body image was top of mind as I observed bodies around that afternoon.

There were guys present but I didn’t notice them as much as the fellow females.  Lots of bikinis.  I was able to criticize and compliment every single lady around.  Even the hot ones had stretch marks and/or cellulite dimples somewhere if I looked for them.  At the same time, everyone had some mark of beauty.  This exercise helped reinforce the fact that no one is without fault and body image is all about what thoughts about myself I choose to feed.

I have extra skin that likely isn’t going to shrink any further.  When I think about having surgery to address that, I ask myself “what are you hoping to accomplish?”.  The answer I come to is after a lot of physical pain and expense, I’ll end up with a slightly different set of “faults” (scares, etc) from the procedure(s).  What I ultimately want is to feel good about myself and I can do that right now just by focusing on the positive instead of the negative.

I’m not other women.  I am me.  I have the body I earned through years of abuse and more recently attention to self care.  Every stretch mark, every wrinkle, is a mark of where I’ve been to get me here.

The women I admire most are comfortable in their own skin.  Their love and grace radiates out of their pores and they are beautiful. That’s what I want.

Let’s all resolve to LOVE OURSELVES AS WE ARE and make the world a better place because of it!

From my heart to yours,

thanks for reading


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