Facing Food Addiction: Part 4: Make a Plan B

Ok… So you have your plan… It’s SMART, you’re pumped up about how great you are going to look in a bikini….or speedo, or whatever, you’re pumped!  You’ve cleared your house of junk food.  You have a viable meal plan and you’re packing your lunches.




It’s someone’s birthday

Potluck at work

Girl Scout Cookies

Boy Scout Popcorn

School fundraisers selling cookie dough and pizza

Valentine’s Day

St Patrick’s Day


Family dinner with mom so you have to eat it, right?

Fourth of July

Summer grilling season

State Fair time




before you know it, you’re back to New Year’s again…


A HUGE part of maintaining weight loss is developing strategies to handle these situations.


Instead of telling myself “you are too fat to get that”, I started telling myself “that is not going to help you reach your goal; you DESERVE to be healthy!”.  Amazingly, the latter worked MUCH better than the former logic.  Early on, sabotaging thoughts came fast and often.  As I learned to recognize them and turn them around into a positive affirmation, they waned.  I still have them, and probably always will, but they do not run my life.  Thoughts are just thoughts, they do not define who I am.


Holidays come with traditions but not eating everything on the dinner table is not going to end the world.  In a lot of ways, I suffer much less not over eating than I do gorging myself to the point of being uncomfortably stuffed.  Holidays are just another day on the calendar.  My contribution to group meals is something I can eat a lot of (aka fresh fruits and veggies) and depending on what else is around, sometimes I only eat what I bring.


People are going to offer food that isn’t a good choice for me.


My experience has been when I’m fighting hard to stay on track, having a tough time, I start to be the expert on what everyone else should and shouldn’t eat.  I’m not real happy and when I say “no” and there’s a little twinge of “you really shouldn’t eat it either”.  In those times, people push me to “have it”, “try it”, “just a bite”, “it’s ok today”.  When I truly do not want something, I can say “no” gracefully and people respect it.  As far as I can tell, the actual words I’m saying are the same, but the spirit behind them is different and so are the results.


My first round of holidays, my trainer at the time mentioned that I could take it, smile, and say something like “thank you, I’ll save this for later,” and then what I did with it afterwards was my business.  I was floored!  You mean I don’t have to go walking around like a diet Nazi and turn every temptation into a conflict?!  Oh!!!  Well, that’s interesting…


People are emotional about their food.  Whether they eat it or don’t eat it, people have feelings about it!


I am grateful for the intention of the person offering me their edible gifts. Sometimes I enjoy them but I do not have to.  I try to use those situations as an opportunity to practice acknowledging that each person has a right to their own perception and I don’t always agree with the people I love.  No matter what someone else does, I decide how much it impacts me.  No one is perfect at setting boundaries but it helps to know I have a right to them.


If you do not have anyone in your life that is committed to living a healthy lifestyle, find a way to build relationships with people who are.  They are out there and they want to be friends with you!  Build a support network of people who will help encourage you and have fun with you while you all progress.  No one person is going to be able to be there for you 100% ALL of the time but you will have what you need when you need it if you keep your heart open to receiving it.  Know that!



From my heart to yours,


Thanks for reading




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