Embrace the Suck

I first heard the phrase “embrace the suck” in reference to triathlon training.  On the other side of tough moments are personal records and champions!  In the past week, that phrase has come to mind in the context of emotional discomfort.  On the other side of painful emotions is peace and joy!

Recently, people I love have been hurt in response to things I’ve either said or done.  My intentions were not hurtful but I understand they are hurting.  I can’t fix it.  I can’t undo it.  I can apologize for what I’m genuinely sorry for and love unconditionally but, other than that, I can just embrace the suck.

My yoga practice has shown me that progress comes in time.  Showing up.. not fighting, not forcing, not avoiding… Just showing up.  The tension in my body is teaching me how much I have resisted the world.  The more I trust, the more I open up.

I would like to relieve everyone, everywhere of pain and suffering but I can’t do anyone else’s personal growth work for them. I can allow other people to feel their feelings and embrace the discomfort between us.  I can keep showing up with an open heart… and I will.

From my heart to yours

Thanks for reading


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