Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

I blamed my employment for stress and lack of time.  It turns out, I am capable of creating stress and running out of time no matter what I do for employment!  I have heard variations of the phrase ‘where attention goes, energy flows’ multiple times in multiple contexts.  I am experiencing how true that statement is first hand.

There are always two or more ways to look at any situation.  The first two are 1) the way I see it now and 2) the OPPOSITE of how I see it now.  In between, there are hundreds of more ways to see any situation if I take enough time to think about them.  My power lies in being able to choose which way I want to focus my energy on.

I am grateful for my fear because it serves to keep me safe.  It’s a warning light that says “hey, something is different here” but that is all it is.  Beyond acknowledging and being grateful for the warning, it doesn’t do me any good to think about fears.

In the major life transition I am experiencing now, I see I have the choice between thinking about how to prevent what I’m afraid of and thinking about how to create the life I want.  If I spend energy thinking about preventing catastrophe, I feel limited, smothered, anxious.  If I spend energy thinking about creating the life I want, taking steps in that direction, I feel light, energized, excited and free!  No one makes that choice for me.  I decide where my energy flows.

I am becoming much more picky about where I spend my energy these days.  I have a list of high priority items which include: peace, joy, satisfaction and purpose.  There are distractions from those things everywhere, all the time, but I don’t have to feed into them.  I can choose peace and joy at any time, no matter what is happening around me.  When I get off track, I remind myself of that fact and move on.  When I focus my efforts on being present and showing up, I am blown away by the opportunities that effortlessly fall into my lap.

My relationship with my son is improving because I am opening myself up to experience the world in his way instead of trying to make him fit into mine.  I can look at all the things he’s not, or I can cherish all the things he IS!  The latter is much more satisfying than the former.  In learning how to focus on his strengths, I am also learning to focus on mine.

I am learning how vitally important it is for me to take time to get quiet within.  It is only in the quiet moments that I can hear my inner most desires and identify what brings me joy.  The quiet moments give me clarity and remind me that all is well in my world now, in this moment.  I am safe and protected.  Life supports me!

From my heart to yours

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Everyone Has A “Thing”

I believe in the depths of my soul that everyone has something they are good at, including people with dramatically differing abilities.  Problems are caused in people’s lives when there’s a disconnect between their abilities and what they are doing.  Align life with strengths and magic happens!

I believe that life supports me and the spiritual realm has my back.  I didn’t always believe that.  I’ve redefined what the ‘spiritual realm’ means to me many times.  Every definition I’ve had was what I needed at the time.  Energy spent fearing failure is wasted energy.  There is no failure… Even if something doesn’t work out, there’s a valuable lesson available in the experience.

There are some experiences I would like to protect people from if I could.  The way some people treat each other is abominable.  However, every survivor of abuse I have ever met has more strength of character in his/her little finger than someone who’s coasted through life.

When I wrote down the terrible things I experienced in a recent spiritual journey class, my dearest values were revealed.  I hold dear the concepts OPPOSITE of the negative experiences I’ve had. I felt controlled so I value freedom.  I felt disrespected so I value respect.  I felt mistreated so I value kindness.  Etc…

In the space I am in now, I do not fear failure because I welcome lessons in my life.  I grow.  I learn.  I own my destiny and embrace my inner source of power.


From my heart to yours


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Shooting for the Stars

Deep in my heart, there is a calling to connect with others and encourage us all to listen to the wise, little voice within.  As I sit on my couch with my fluffy gray kitty behind my head and my sweet black dog at my feet, I feel like everything I’ve experienced in my life until this point has prepared me for where I am now.  My struggles are not as unique as I thought they once were.  My challenges are pieces of challenges all humans face in one form or another.  Through my journey, I aim to strengthen the resolve of others to follow their inner calling.

I recently chose to leave a corporate management job that paid very well but wasn’t filling my soul.  My heart wasn’t in my work.  I was coping and surviving, not thriving.  Life is too short to live that way.

There seems to be 3 types of people in this world.  First, the majority, don’t know what they really want.  Some are dissatisfied with the quality of life but are not uncomfortable enough to do anything drastically different.  The second, are people who know what they want to do but tell themselves it won’t make enough money, they can’t be successful at it, and/or aren’t willing to do the work it takes to get where they want to go.  Some in this category aren’t willing to work up to what they dream of and expect instant results which never come.  The third type know what they want and dare to go for it!  Doing so requires courage, vulnerably, risk, perseverance and focus.  Three is my favorite number.

At my core, I am a cheerleader.  I want to use my gifts to help improve people’s lives.  I aim to be of service to others on my own terms.  I am working on pursuing a diverse set of coaching certifications to start my own life coaching business.  In the meantime, Stevie Lang Services, is available to help care for your pets and home.  I love animals and organization so offering those services while I work on something greater is a perfect fit for me.

I am eternally grateful for the support of my family and friends who help make me brave.

From my heart to yours

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