More with Less

This quote succinctly described the recent awakening I experienced (it graced my Facebook feed today courtesy of the “Conscious Consumerism” page).  I have spent over two decades buying into the concept that security is found in getting a ‘stable job’ with ‘dependable income’ to be able to afford stuff.  I am embarrassed to say how much money I have wasted on things that don’t really matter while hurting my health, experiencing distress, and being unavailable for my family.

I believe the universe has enough for all of us to experience abundance and I deserve it.  However, my definition of abundance now goes far beyond a paycheck.  I value my life… My physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing are PRICELESS.  I appreciate the home in which I live and the people whom I share it with.  With a new attitude, I see I already have all that I need and the ability to create the life I want to live.

Two of my dearest, long time friends have been in this place for a long time.  One grew up in poverty and I have always admired her ability to support herself on very little income.  She has always had a beautiful, clean home and wonderfully eclectic wardrobe.  Another has lived by his own rules for over 50 years and earned enough money to support many trips around the world.  He tried to teach me years ago that ‘normal’ concepts of security are an illusion propagated by capitalism but I wasn’t ready to learn.

Growing up, I was surrounded by people who worked at jobs they hated so that they could knock on people’s doors preaching someone else’s ‘truth’ for 90 hours a month.  They drove Chevy Citations, ate donuts and had potlucks for fun.  Most of them were very unhappy and unfulfilled.  They put on fake smiles and talked about a ‘future Paradise’ to console themselves.  Looking around as a child, I promised myself that I was ‘never going to be like them’.  I spent a long time resenting the way I was raised.  Now, I see it as more of a blessing than a curse.

I know first hand that we choose our beliefs and our beliefs shape our world.  Each of us can choose to be as ‘crazy’ as we like and it doesn’t matter what other people think.  Today, I am grateful for my past.  I am grateful for the people who use my services.  I am grateful to have the skills to provide them.  I am grateful for this new world view.

From my heart to yours,

Thanks for reading


Reminders from Paramahansa Yogananda

Today, in my sacred space, I was moved to search for teachings from Paramahansa Yogananda.  I downloaded “The Law of Success” and started reading.  As I read, the following reminders flowed into me…

Aligning my will with the will of the source of life is the way I experience success.  In every failure, there is an opportunity to grow and heal.  There is no need for suffering.  Suffering is a flag that says “hey, something is off here”.  Answers appear when I go within and ask what is off with an open heart and mind.  The answers to every problem and solutions for every need are available at any moment.  The quicker I learn lessons, the less trouble I experience in life.  I give no energy to focusing on the trouble.  Instead, I spend my energy focusing on the lesson, the gift, within the situation.

It is important not to do things for selfish power or to be “special” because of what I can do.  That is a desire of the ego that distracts me from my spiritual quest. It is important for me to set aside time to connect with the source of life so I can attune my will to that source.

I have tasted the sweet fruitage of aligning myself with the unconditional love, goodness and power from the source of life.  I also know the tragedy, stress and suffering from pursing goals that “prove” something.  This duality is a gift in my life.  I can choose the former whenever I wish.  I choose it now.

This is freedom.

This is joy.

This is passion.

This is the gift of my life!

From my heart to yours,

Thanks for reading