Know that at any moment, you have a choice.  If anyone ever tries to tell you you don’t, you can choose not to believe them.

Peace lives in the space between no plans at all and “do or die” regimented obligations.  Without any plan at all, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to get where you want to go.  Planning without any flexibility to do something not in the plan, leads to feelings of failure and sucks the joy out of living.  Neither extreme is good for anyone.

If where you are in this moment is not where you want to be, take a step in the direction of your dream.  Just one step.  It doesn’t matter how small.  It doesn’t matter if someone else does it better, just take one step and celebrate that you started something!

If you’re trying to change the way you look or feel, make an attainable plan for what you will eat and how you will move..for today.  Not next week or after the holidays or once I can afford a gym membership… TODAY, right now, you can take the first step.

The answers you need are out there if you open your heart to them.  When making your plan, ask “Is this what taking care of myself looks like?”.  If your plan is based on a foundation of self-care, you are going to do the right thing, for you, at this moment.

You can do anything for a day.  You deserve to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from setting a goal and accomplishing it.



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