Relationship with Myself and Food

These are concepts I embrace:

1) Food is fuel, not the enemy

2) I deserve to be healthy

3) I am grateful for my body, I will care for it, not abuse it

4) No food is completely good or completely bad

5) Everything in moderation, even moderation


Recognize when you are beating your self up about what you did/ate/said and stop.  The same mental energy used to generate self-depreciating thoughts can be used to create positive affirmations.  You have the power to channel that energy as you choose.

First allow yourself to feel your feelings without judgment and then DECIDE what you want to do about them. Replace negative self talk with positive truths.  It helps no one to replace one negative with another negative “you shouldn’t think that” or equivalent.  If you catch yourself thinking something you don’t want to think, stop, and work on finding a positive replacement thought.

Feelings are just feelings, experience them fully.  If you’re not used to doing this, they can feel overwhelming but know you can’t die from a feeling.  The unpleasantness passes more quickly when it’s acknowledged and processed than when it’s stifled.  Allow yourself time to grow, there’s no time limit.

Lasting change WILL happen on the outside when you change your thinking on the inside.

You are in this place, in this moment for a reason, embrace it!




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