Reminders from Paramahansa Yogananda

Today, in my sacred space, I was moved to search for teachings from Paramahansa Yogananda.  I downloaded “The Law of Success” and started reading.  As I read, the following reminders flowed into me…

Aligning my will with the will of the source of life is the way I experience success.  In every failure, there is an opportunity to grow and heal.  There is no need for suffering.  Suffering is a flag that says “hey, something is off here”.  Answers appear when I go within and ask what is off with an open heart and mind.  The answers to every problem and solutions for every need are available at any moment.  The quicker I learn lessons, the less trouble I experience in life.  I give no energy to focusing on the trouble.  Instead, I spend my energy focusing on the lesson, the gift, within the situation.

It is important not to do things for selfish power or to be “special” because of what I can do.  That is a desire of the ego that distracts me from my spiritual quest. It is important for me to set aside time to connect with the source of life so I can attune my will to that source.

I have tasted the sweet fruitage of aligning myself with the unconditional love, goodness and power from the source of life.  I also know the tragedy, stress and suffering from pursing goals that “prove” something.  This duality is a gift in my life.  I can choose the former whenever I wish.  I choose it now.

This is freedom.

This is joy.

This is passion.

This is the gift of my life!

From my heart to yours,

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My Truth and My Fears

Almost immediately after waking up this morning, I rolled over to snuggle in my husband’s shoulder cradle and tearfully said, “whether it’s logical or not, I’m afraid of losing you”.  He wisely didn’t respond ‘there’s nothing you can do that would make me leave you’ or ‘I will love you no matter what’.  In my emotional state, words like that would have just brought up red flags in me.  I didn’t need to be consoled or reassured because I don’t believe anyone can promise what they will authentically feel in the future and I don’t completely trust people who think they can.

For the next few hours, my patient, loving, thoughtful, self-aware partner walked me through some of my worst fears. Throughout the course of our conversation, I realized I was really afraid of growing too much and finding my life unbearable.  I have been through that hell before and I didn’t want to go back.  I know that once you reach another level of awareness, you can not go back, any more than a baby can return to the womb.  I was afraid of growing so much that I wouldn’t want to be with him.  Instead of taking offense or falling into fears of his own, my life partner just heard me out.

We concluded that the core essence that brought us together is unchanging.  We both value love, truth and honesty.  Our list of deal breakers is short and every line item can be prevented with one simple (but not easy) thing… Live each day with the intention of awareness and address things as they come up.

When we first started dating, I made a promise that I can keep “I will let you know where I am at and what I am thinking along the way”.  I learned yesterday that my open, honest and above board approach is what attracted my husband to me more than anything else.  In those early months, we agreed that if another truly didn’t want to be with us, we didn’t want to be with them.  Neither of us are the same now as we were then and we are still happily together.

The worst sin anyone can commit in my mind is something that takes away another’s power.  Attempting to stifle, control or kill another’s spirit is completely unacceptable to me.  If you would like to see virtual fire come out of my eyeballs, just start talking to me about someone taking advantage of someone’s vulnerable state for their own gain and the other’s demise.  The only thing that keeps me from attacking predators myself is a belief their actions come from losing touch with their own divinity inside and are their own type of victim, in need of love.

I also believe the BEST thing you can do for another human is honor his or her divinity while living your best life.  Love unconditionally.  Share ideas but don’t try to influence or control; just be.

I am finding my voice.  I am practicing speaking my truth.  Fear is my ally.  Fear is a signal that I’m undermining my power and in need of more self-love **.  I am incredibly grateful to be in union with someone who can help me process what I feel instead of ‘fix’ it.  For reasons I am only beginning to understand, he’s also grateful to be with a dynamic, passionate, fire cracker of a soul who faces her fears.

From my heart to yours

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** Hearing Roger Teel speak at the Hay House “I Can Do It” conference in Denver (April 2015) helped me understand how to see fear.  His website is

I Am

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.”  ~ William Gibson

I just got back from the “I Can Do It” Hay House conference in Denver, Colorado.  In many ways, the format was familiar to annual experiences growing up: book a hotel, get up in the morning, eat, go to conference center, sit, listen to people talk, take notes, use restroom and repeat until dinner time.  The difference is that instead of my soul feeling like I was being sucked dry and wanting desperately to escape, counting the minutes until I could rip off my uncomfortable clothes and indulge in endless desserts at that night’s all-you-can-eat buffet… I felt FILLED UP!  I nodded my head often as the speakers spoke truths I have always known but were told were lies.

I took notes and actually READ THEM AFTERWARDS.  My heart is singing.  I am alive!

The event was emotionally exhausting because we explored my deepest fears and insecurities.  However, I was there with the support of my soul sister and showed up with an open heart.  Roger Teel, author of “This Life is Joy” said, “Clarity is power”.  In the next few paragraphs, I will share some of the clarity I received this weekend.

I am not broken.  I am made of light from the source of divine love.  My body, my physical form, is just the house that energy lives in.  My body is not who I am.  My thoughts are not who I am.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with who I really am.

I have a personal self that is ego driven, ruled by the senses.  There’s nothing really ‘wrong’ with that either, but it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  Those inputs should not be confused with the infinite divine of which I am a part.

I realized that every single unpleasant experience I remember in my life stems from believing I’m not worthy.  It comes from ego driven messages that were handed to me by those who came before me.  They don’t rule my life.  They are part of my journey and I chose this path to learn what I need to know in this life.  I am not suggesting the people who I grew up with were assholes.  I am suggesting that the heartache I experienced as a child had more to do with my environment than a defect within me.

As I listened to Davidji explain his experience teaching “tactical breathing” to Marines, Special Forces and members of law enforcement, I realized that I’ve been expecting the world to adjust to me instead of learning to adjust to the world.  When I say ‘adjust’, I don’t mean change, I mean adjust my approach to situations based on my audience while being fully grounded in who I am and what I believe.  I mean being open and accepting of others from a base of loving myself.  True strength is gentle, flexible, malleable…

Cheryl Richardson said that when she used to hear people say “you need to love yourself”, she wanted to hit something.  I honor that honestly but loving and accepting myself truly is the key to being able to fully love and accept others.  There’s no way around it.

When I’m honest with myself, I see I’ve been hateful towards others when I agreed with their diminishing approach to me.  No one else can make me feel ‘less than’.  No one else can steal my joy because my joy comes from the divine.  If I lose connection with it, all I have to do is ask for help to get the connection back.  Even in difficult circumstances, I can be joyful at heart.  Everyone can.

I want to be a spiritual person.  I want to be connected to the source of life, the creative energy that holds the infinite universe together.  I am.  I am.  Right here, right now, I am connected.

I’m connected to the part of you that knows what I’m talking about.  I need not be threatened by differing beliefs.  I need not hush the inner voice that is connected to the divine for fear it’s leading me astray.  I just need to listen from a quiet, connected, place.  All I need to know is found there.

I am safe.  I am well.  All things will come in their own time.

From my heart to yours,

Thanks for reading

More information about Hay House can be found here:

3 Steps to Get Connected

Conversations over the past few days have gotten me thinking about the differences between people who have connection and those who long for connection.  Thinking about my own life and the lives of people I’ve come in contact with, I’ve observed 3 common steps in the process:

1.  Set Intention.  Whether it be “I want a life partner”, “I want friends”, “I want healthy people in my life”… Whatever it is, set the intention and define what connection you are looking for.

2.  Take Action.  Take a step in the direction of your intention.  Don’t worry about it being the right step; just take a step.  Put yourself out there and give yourself permission to change course at any time if what you are doing is no longer serving your purpose.

3.  Let Go.  Once you are taking action, embrace the process.  Spend your energy on imagining how you want to feel and taking continual steps in the direction of that feeling.  If you find yourself thinking that it’s not working, change course.  If you find yourself thinking it will never work, change your self talk.  Have faith that life will work out in it’s own time.  Prepare your heart to being open to receiving it when it does.

Although these steps are simple, I understand they aren’t necessarily easy.  In my journey, a lot of junk bubbles to the surface I have to deal with before I can take any more steps in the direction I want to go.  Instead of resisting what is and trying to force it into being something different, it works a lot better for me to spend my energy just being aware and looking for opportunities to make it better.   Life gets a whole lot easier when I ride the waves of emotion that come up, knowing nothing lasts forever.

From my heart to yours

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Belong Now

While making banana pancakes and freshly ground coffee this morning, I was dancing around the kitchen while my husband was beaming with joy.  I noted that he seems like he feels he belongs now (he had been struggling to find meaning and direction in his life).  I expressed my pleasure that he’s figuring out right now is where it’s at.  If either of us look to the future to fill in all the emptiness we feel now, we’ll constantly come up short.  Wanting will be a constant state of mind and we’ll never know peace.

Conversely, embracing every moment, feeling a sense of belonging and purpose in the here is now is where peace is found.  Peace, love and happiness isn’t out there… it’s right here…inside…now.  There’s a difference between investing all my abilities and gifts to a situation and putting pressure on myself to accomplish a certain thing.  The former allows me to approach everything I do with joy.  The latter sets me up for continual suffering.

My shoulder has been hurting in an atypical place.  My shoulder isn’t weak but it has been telling me something is off.  This morning, it came to my awareness that I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself to get things done.  The past few weeks have been very full on a professional, academic and social level. I have been dreading school and that’s been making my assignments more difficult.  When I changed my self talk into “it’s ok to let it go”, my pain subsided.  Amazingly, my hips were also more open than normal today!

I have an agreement with myself to show up to my mat.  I embrace every morning with a fresh perspective knowing that today is today, not yesterday or tomorrow.  The days where I’m flighty and imbalanced, I am grateful to be able to recognize it and know it won’t last without convincing myself I’m a terrible person because of it.  The days where things effortlessly fall into place, I can be grateful for an effortless day!

I realized much of my anxiety is completely self inflicted.  A Facebook friend posted an article about how being busy is a sickness for those who have enough money to get their needs met but still live in a place of self inflicted tension.  My body is holding years and years and years of such tension.  I’m convinced not all of it is even mine, it’s other people’s stuff that was passed over to me.  I’m working on bringing it to the surface so I can release it and heal, one layer, one step, at a time.  No rush.  No pressure.  Just show up…

I have come to understand that everything works in cycles.  The natural world is in a constant state of change and despite humans best efforts to control things, they can’t change the cycles of life.  Shit happens.  It won’t last forever.  Wonderful things happen.  They won’t last forever either.  It took a lot of energy to try and force life a certain way and it never worked out quite how I wanted it to.  My future is going to be a lot more of ‘todays’ built upon each other.

What I need isn’t out there, it’s here.

From my heart to yours

Thanks for reading!

If you are interested in the “busy” article, here it is:

Boundaries vs. Expectations

One of my guiding phrases these days is “let go of expectations but be wide open to possibility”.  However, a dear friend suggested  to me today that boundaries are expectations and boundaries are healthy.  Her comment made me consider if I believed that to be true and, if so, what impact that has on my view of the world.  I think there is a difference between letting go of expectations and not having any.  I believe the concepts of boundaries and setting expectations are complimentary.

For instance, I expect my friends to treat me with kindness, consideration and unconditional love.  I only share the depths of my soul with other human beings who are loving and dependable.  I need to be able to speak freely, even if my words are not perfect.  I expect myself to be kind with pure intentions but there is room for error.  If I sense within myself that my intentions are not pure, I observe them and address them.  I expect my closest friends to do the same.

I no longer expect every single person I meet to be capable of loving me the way I want.  I let go of the expectation that anyone owes me something because of our relationship.  People are either present in my life or they are not.  I have learned the world is big enough to let go of relationships that do not meet my needs to make room for those that do.

This past year has been an incredible testament to that belief.  I have gotten braver about speaking my truth and bringing my true self to social situations.  I have a better concept of what loving myself and accepting myself unconditionally looks like.  People don’t have to agree with me for something to be true for me.

The result is some relationships have grown apart but others have grown closer to me than I ever could have imagined!  It is possible to fall in love with multiple people without possessing them, feeling like they owe me anything or taking responsibility for their emotional baggage!  I have many loves in my life now, including myself.

I have learned to love freely and take love freely without losing my sense of self.  It helps me to understand that I am made of light.  Everything I think I know is “light perceiving light” (Ruiz, 1997).  I am living a dream that I create with my thoughts, beliefs and intentions.  Awareness of them is key.  I do not deserve to be punished repeatedly for anything I’ve done.  When I error, I can adjust course and still speak lovingly to myself.  This opens the door to a level of intimacy that is only possible when one is free of fear.

If I find that someone can not be trusted with my heart either due to his or her own unresolved issues or the fact we are on different wavelengths, my boundaries come in to play.  It doesn’t mean I no longer love him or her.  It doesn’t mean that we can’t have a relationship.  It does mean he or she may not get to experience all of me right now and that is okay.

From my heart to yours,

Thanks for reading


Ruiz, D. M. (2003). The four agreements: A practical guide to personal freedom. Amber-Allen Publishing.

My Body Is My Friend


This image came across my newsfeed from Eat Breathe Thrive on Facebook earlier this week.  Looking through photos from the last few years, I recalled my thoughts about myself at the time.  I have a series of photos from 2010 that I distinctly remember being critical of because of the way my stomach skin rolled at the top of my jeans.  When I look at those same photos today, I remember how hungry I felt.  I remember feeling faint if I missed “meal time” by 30 minutes.  I see myself as thin and notice muscles in my arms that I overlooked when I saw those images for the first time a few years ago.  Conversely, I look at photos from 2009 (before I lost weight) where I remember feeling “skinny” but was considerably more full than I am at this moment.  I am reminded that my perception of my body has very little to do with my body and much to do with my mind.

In a recent healing session with Ricky Yutuc, I asked to be free of judging my value by how I think society views my physical form.  He helped me forgive myself for ever thinking there was something innately defective about me and appreciate I chose the body I have.  He gave me tools to forgive others for thinking there’s something innately defective about me or themselves.  I have viewed myself differently ever since.

Ricky has an exercise where he has you put your fingers to your throat while you say “I love myself” with conviction.  After you say it like you mean it, you move your hand to your heart and say the same thing.  I have done that exercise many times since.  I am amazed at the difference it makes in my world view.

I have a new relationship with my physical form.  In my yoga practice, it lets me know how my life is going.  It knows when something needs attention before my mind does.  It knows when I’m getting sick before I feel symptoms.  It is the house where my spirit lives.  I am grateful for its strength and connection to the universe.

I realized that my cravings for unhealthy things were really ways to manipulate my body into giving me the sensations I felt when I took in those things.  That isn’t a way to treat a friend!  Friends don’t manipulate friends.  Friends don’t tell each other they are failures if they don’t do a certain thing.  Friends support each other, listen to each other, take time for one another.  Friends do good deeds for each other and apologize when they’ve made a mistake.  Friends forgive.

My body is my friend.  I ask it what it needs and I go find it.  My body has always taken care of me but I have not always done a good job taking care of it.  I have been forgiven.  For that, I am grateful.

From my heart to yours

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Where the Sidewalk Ends…

Relationships, whether romantic or not, ebb and flow with the tides of life. As I change, so does the way I relate to other people. I’ve been deeply troubled by the realization that some people who have been significant parts of my journey to this point are incapable of giving me the connection I desire in friendship. I was disturbed by the heartache I was experiencing and knew that was a sign of an unresolved issue but couldn’t identify it.

While enjoying lunch with a dear friend who is brave enough to share her uninhibited soul with me, I had a HUGE revelation! My heartache was not caused by anything more than the part of me that believed I deserve to be rejected. That little part of me was seeking out and holding on to people who had not earned access to the depths of my heart. Instead of keeping a healthy boundary between us, I had left the door open and allowed them to pillage there. In all my talk of acceptance and tolerance, I had missed one important element… Acceptance and tolerance require seeing the equal value of others.

Instead of embracing others with their opinions and worldviews, I had regarded my new worldview as superior to the one I left (and all others too). I had become quite intolerant of intolerance. I had replaced one “should” with another “should” (veiled under the cloak of pseudo unconditional love). Ooooops.

Because my ideals of being uninhibited and honest are so important to me, I viewed anything different as “less than”. I took it upon myself to “free” others from their “prison” of worrying about what other people think. My husband made me understand that “one person’s prison is another one’s home”.

It’s not my job to make anyone else experience my ideals if they don’t want to. Some people have simply not earned the right to access my unbound, uninhibited, unconditional love. Trying to “free” those folks from what I viewed as a prison of the heart was not helping them and was deeply hurting me. For every rejection of my light, I felt a little “less than”.

The world is a big place with plenty of stories to go around. My path need not be threatened by another’s. Right here, right now, I chose to release that little part of me that believed I had to succumb to the ideals of what other people think. I’m done trying to earn the affection of people who I don’t even really like. I wish them peace and love in their own stories but they are merely extras in mine.

From my heart to yours

Thanks for reading

SIDE NOTE: I have struggled with the above concepts until today and I thank you for being part of my journey by reading my post. The title of this entry was inspired by Shel Silverstein and his poem about the oak tree and the rosebush (which I memorized and recited in high school, around 1995). You can read it here:

2014 Reflections

As I excitedly expressed gratitude for all the things I learned this past year, a new friend suggested I write about it. I write the following wearing my pajamas with my cat on my lap and dog at my feet with a full heart.

At this time a year ago, I was seriously considering going back to school. I feared how I would pay for it, how I would find the time to do homework, how hard it would be, how much I would have to read. Despite these fears, I registered for classes. I planned to train for a marathon and run 1000 miles as well.

Around the same time, a dear friend from high school suggested getting a group together to talk about our goals and hold each other accountable. It sounded like a smashing idea so I rented the room at Caribou Coffee on Ingersol in Des Moines, IA and sent out an invite. At the first meeting, sharing our stories, I knew it was going to be something WONDERFUL but I had no idea the level of connection that somewhat random group of souls would be able to achieve.

Meanwhile, my heart fell in love with a particularly special, lovely lady with an incredible soul. Our friendship started out somewhat stand offish as we each sniffed each other out, afraid to let anyone in too far. But during a sub zero run one day, we broke through that barrier and an immensely fulfilling connection ensued.

Classes started in February. I began in a project management cohort but after a few boring classes in, the 99U conference in New York and meeting an incredible kindred spirit with extensive project management experience, I realized I didn’t need a college course to teach me project management. I found the guts to pursue my real dream… Behavioral Science.

My Behavioral Science cohort is teaching me about myself, relationships and improving my leadership skills. The first few classes talked about how it’s important to own the ways that being a counselor meets your own needs. The material talked about needing to have a strong value system and not imposing my values on others. It talked about the need for self-care to avoid burnout and I started looking at my life differently.

Despite the joy that training with beloved friends for a marathon was giving me, it was adding more stress than it was relieving. While I was asking my higher power for answers on what to do next sometime in June, an invitation to consult with James Miller at Adamantine yoga showed up in my inbox. I met with James and decided to commit to a yoga practice.

I approached yoga like everything else in my life up until that point, full force, balls to the wall, intensity. James told me to just “show up”. Through my practice, I’m learning to see myself and the world completely differently. I’m releasing and processing years of pent up emotional energy stored in my body. I met myself on my mat. For the first time, I feel like I know who I am and what I’m here to do. It’s incredibly liberating! In addition, my practice has led to some unexpected connections with fellow practitioners who give me insight into different world views.

Sometime in October, I connected with a kindred spirit I’d been trying to get together with for over a year. It was a set of synchronizations that neither us could have planned for. Something bigger than us was at work, no doubt in my mind! She gave me the courage to start a women’s group and lent me the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I read it. That book liberated me even further. It was like it took a sledgehammer to layers and layers of false beliefs that were weighing me down and let my light shine out from the depths of my inner being!

For example, I believed it was dangerous to know too much. I told myself I was not a reader. I told myself I wasn’t smart. I told myself I wasn’t enough and had to be more. I told myself that it was bad to have money so I spent it all. I held myself back in a million different ways…

This month, my husband and I started de-cluttering the house. With each unnecessary thing we take out, I feel a little bit lighter. I’ve always had a problem spending every penny I earned but I can make new choices now. Asking myself “Do you really need that?” wasn’t effective but I learned new questions that are effective for me: “How can you do without that?” and “Does that help get you what you want?”. Similar to weight loss, telling myself that I was too fat to eat that wasn’t nearly as helpful as asking “is it worth it?” and telling myself I’m worth being fit. I’m worth being rich and loved too!

This Christmas is something I feared one year ago. I couldn’t imagine how we would we be able to buy presents if I had to pay for school. Not only are there presents for my family to open later today but we have a new roof, a new sink, a dishwasher, a different car and some new pipes. Part of it was made possible by the lovely folks at Half Price Books who gave us a fair amount for unread books and unplayed CDs that were taking up space in our home. We have enough. Not too much, not too little, just enough. I can take comfort in that and stop worrying. This moment is another reminder that what I’m afraid of isn’t nearly as bad as the fear itself.

My catch phrase from 2014: Let go of expectations but be wide open to endless possibility!

As 2015 approaches, I am looking forward to nurturing the relationships established this year and being open to new ones! I’m ready to learn and take in what life has for me without limiting beliefs holding me back! I have established a set of spiritual practices that keep me centered and on track. I am incredibly grateful for all this year has been!

From my heart to yours

Thanks for reading

The Key to a Joy Filled Life

I have been going through another transformative period in my life this past year.  I started pursuing a Bachelors Degree in February and spent a lot of my ‘free’ time in the first half of the year training with dear friends and running races.  By June, I was noticing that running was adding stress to my life and not relieving it.  An invitation to consult with James Miller at Adamantine Yoga came into my inbox from a kindred spirit who knew my stress and suggested I give it a try.

I started my practice like I started everything else until that point.  Full force, with all my might, focused on a goal of being flexible, healthy and filled with inner peace…as quickly as possible.  Between classes, I thought about what I didn’t do right and what I could do better.  I emailed James what was going through my mind and he was not impressed.  He, like so many others before him, told me just “show up” and stop thinking so much.  I took this feedback as another challenge to “work” on.

Then, one day, while not working on my shoulder roll, my shoulder roll happened.  Of all the things I was trying to accomplish, that pose was not one of them, yet, it was the first to come.  James told me he has observed that pose signifying the the most psychological change compared to other poses.  I could tell he was happy for me but I didn’t care.  Most of the time, I care if people are happy for me or if I accomplish a goal.  That day was different.  Something significant changed, I could feel that, but I didn’t sense my usual level of pride or excitement for another item checked off my endless list of tasks I intended to accomplish as quickly as possible.  In a way, I felt reborn that day.  It changed the way I see “effort” and “trying” to do things.  Like Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try”.  He is right about that… That day, I tasted what those words meant for the first time.  I’ve been just showing up ever since.

Around one month ago, another kindred spirit who knew me as a teenager crossed my path.  She gave me “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz.  I read it.  Cover to cover.  I absorbed it’s contents and gave myself permission to experience the world in a different way.  I released yet another layer of “need to suffer” and committed to practicing the Toltec path.   The connection with her gave me the strength to call together a women’s group that I’d only dreamed of previously.  The right people showed up and we had an incredible time sharing our stories and building each other up.

This past week, I have been meditating, reading and practicing Adamantine Yoga daily.  I am not stressed although stressful things are happening.  I have felt irritated and angry for a few moments here and there but I have not carried them with me beyond the moments they were experienced.  I felt my emotions, let them go, and decided to make different choices.

In my yoga practice, I’ve stopped comparing today to yesterday or where I want to be tomorrow.  I have started embracing this moment, this day, and being grateful for it.  When my legs shake or something is tender, I ask, “what are you trying to tell me today?” and I usually get an answer.

I have come to understand that we have choices in every moment.  Every…single…moment.  The past is over, the future is not yet here. I have a choice as to how I live my life in this moment, right now.

I’ve been reading about how to want things but not be attached to how things come or in what form.  I’m asked to drill down to what it is I REALLY WANT and be open to it being fulfilled.  I’ve come to realize that the key to a joy filled life is letting go of expectations but being wide open to possibility.  I realized that is the element I have been missing. I either set expectations for the positive or expect nothing positive will come. I have just now come to understand the freedom of letting go of expectations, positive or negative!

As I experience this new level of joy and freedom, I hesitate to share it because of old tapes telling me “don’t let your head get too big” or “there are starving children in Africa”….  Yes, there are some really shitty things that happen in the world and many, many people are going through some tough stuff right now but unless I can do something about it in this moment, it has no consequence in my life.  Those are old tapes.  They do not define me.  I can choose the life I want to live.  I am called to share my experience.  My intention is that by spreading more love and joy in the world, more can be created.

I’ve sought freedom my entire life and freedom is here, now, inside my soul!  I wish the same for you!

From my heart to yours,

Thanks for reading

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