Jumping Fleas

A few weeks ago, my Saturday morning group run started with a story I’ve been thinking about since I heard it.  I wanted to share it with all of you:

An experiment was once done using a handful of fleas and a glass jar.  The researcher placed several fleas in the container and they quickly, easily jumped out.  This was repeated numerous times and each time yielded the same result.

Then, a lid was put on the jar.  The fleas kept hitting the top until, eventually, they started jumping as high as they could without hitting the lid.

When the researcher removed the lid, they didn’t jump high enough to get out of the jar as if there was still something blocking their way.

Curious, the researcher heated up the bottom of the jar.

Now that staying in the jar was unbearable, they jumped out.

The fleas had not lost their ability to jump out of the jar when the lid was put on but when the obstacle was removed, they behaved as if there was no other option.


There are many, many reasons this story speaks to me but here are a few I find most moving:

  1. In order to change, where you are needs to be more uncomfortable than the discomfort of changing.
  2. It doesn’t matter if something is really there or not.  If it’s perceived to be there, it’s as real as anything!
  3. Fleas suck. Blood. Literally. But they can jump 100x their own height (world’s 2nd most powerful jumper).  If even annoying pests have something they are good at, so do you! If you don’t know what it is, don’t give up looking until you’ve found it!

For more of this story and other inspirational stuff, see Nick’s blog at  http://thinklikeyour6.blogspot.com/
From my heart to yours,
Thanks for reading