Yesterday afternoon, I joined four other women on a boat.  For the next six hours we: laughed, cried, ate, drank, floated, swam and peed in the water.  No one got drunk but we all “let go”.  A few hours in, someone suggested we go around and tell each other what we most admire about each woman.  This was a powerful experience for all of us!

As we went around and shared our hearts with each other, I realized something…  Each of us has gifts.  Each of us has a natural way of being that is our greatest strength and also our biggest weakness if acted on mindlessly.  Without someone to “love without analyzing”, the “analyzer” can get caught up in too many task lists.  Without a plan, the person who is able to “feel unfiltered”, can get paralyzed under a cloak of emotion.  Without someone to cheer us on and suggest things like “go around the circle and compliment each other”, nothing great happens.  WE NEED EACH OTHER.

My approach to my self has been to “fix what’s wrong”, reduce my weaknesses, pick something to improve and “work” on it.  Now I see what I need to do is recognize my strengths and develop THEM!

In the group of women on the boat, every single peson had strengths obvious to the rest of the group but often not to themselves.  Most of us saw our strengths as the very things that got us into the most trouble.  The most powerful forces in the world have both the power to do extreme good and extreme harm.  Our inner strengths are no different.  We need to identify them, honor them and develop them.  Recognize our weaknesses, but instead of trying to “fix” them, accept them and honor them for allowing us to connect with other human beings.  There are others with strengths in the areas we are weak and they will have our backs if we let them.


From my heart to yours

Thanks for reading