Everyone Has A “Thing”

I believe in the depths of my soul that everyone has something they are good at, including people with dramatically differing abilities.  Problems are caused in people’s lives when there’s a disconnect between their abilities and what they are doing.  Align life with strengths and magic happens!

I believe that life supports me and the spiritual realm has my back.  I didn’t always believe that.  I’ve redefined what the ‘spiritual realm’ means to me many times.  Every definition I’ve had was what I needed at the time.  Energy spent fearing failure is wasted energy.  There is no failure… Even if something doesn’t work out, there’s a valuable lesson available in the experience.

There are some experiences I would like to protect people from if I could.  The way some people treat each other is abominable.  However, every survivor of abuse I have ever met has more strength of character in his/her little finger than someone who’s coasted through life.

When I wrote down the terrible things I experienced in a recent spiritual journey class, my dearest values were revealed.  I hold dear the concepts OPPOSITE of the negative experiences I’ve had. I felt controlled so I value freedom.  I felt disrespected so I value respect.  I felt mistreated so I value kindness.  Etc…

In the space I am in now, I do not fear failure because I welcome lessons in my life.  I grow.  I learn.  I own my destiny and embrace my inner source of power.


From my heart to yours


Thanks for reading