Grateful for the Bunny In My Backyard

A rabbit has taken up residence in the MIDDLE of my open backyard.  He spends most of the day in the same spot.  The dog leash is long enough the dogs could chase him if they wanted but they don’t bother.  I sense that if I were to try and approach him, I wouldn’t catch him, and maybe the dogs feel the same thing.  He doesn’t move when they come out; he just hunkers down in his spot and watches where they are.

In him, I see the capacity to be hyperaware, vulnerable, and yet completely calm.  He knows exactly what’s happening around him but chooses not to move.  He doesn’t hide under or behind anything and yet is somehow protected.  In the place where he sits, he can exit in any direction at any time but he lives in the moment.  Perhaps I can too.

In my yoga practice this week, I have set my intention on moving steadily, effortlessly, through the movements, letting my breath guide me.  I let go of being having perfect timing and just let my pace come naturally.  I think about the peaceful bunny in my backyard when I catch myself having jerky movements or feeling afraid.

Rabbits can bounce around frantically or they can be completely still.  I have the same ability.  My mental adjustment has made my practice feel completely different. I feel vulnerable on my mat but I’m learning to embrace that feeling.  I am safe.  My body knows what to do.

Life supports me.

I’ve spent much energy in my lifetime, running away, resisting, fighting, opposing…  I’m learning I can be just as effective sitting still.  My stillness does not mean I can’t move quickly.  It doesn’t make me stuck or less significant.  I can be aware and move where I choose, when I choose, just like the bunny in my backyard.

From my heart to yours,

Thanks for reading